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In every room we greet you and your child at the relevant entrance and encourage the children to transition into their classroom activities. There is free flow between the inside and outside areas where the children then have access to a variety of equipment and activities which will encourage exploration, imagination, creativity, problem solving and personal, social and emotional development. Each room has sand, water, creative area, book corner, home corner and computer (not under 3’s). Some rooms have a mark making and a maths area. There are toys to help with all areas of learning, including jigsaws, games and construction toys.

Each room has a snack during the morning session. Towards the end of each session we encourage the children to help tidy up before we have a story and sing songs.
Lunch time is a social occasion where the children all sit together. During the afternoon session some children may want to sleep, the others will still have access to everything, the same as the morning.

Sensory Room

There is an amazing sensory room in the nursery, with lots of lights and colours. It is a great place for children.

Indoor Play Room

In the nursery there is a large indoor playroom with a slide, climbing frame, bikes and other toys, which the children will use when the weather doesn’t allow outdoor play.

Outdoor Play

At the back of the nursery there is a large and very secure outdoor play area, each room has an allotted time for this so that there are not too many children out at the same time. There is a climbing frame along with slide, bikes, tunnel, garden furniture, stepping stones, clock and aeroplane to sit in.

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