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We provide a morning snack and ask parents to provide a lunchbox for their child.

If your child attends extra hours additional food is provided (see prices page for details)


We provide a morning snack. The time will vary according to which room your child is in. We offer water or milk to drink, please can you put your child’s preference on their registration form. Water is available throughout the day.

Toast is available once a week for each room, other snacks we have will vary from day to day and will be in keeping with our ‘healthy eating’ policy.


Drinks can be provided at lunchtime if you wish, and they are available throughout the session.

All lunchboxes are kept in the refrigerator so that dairy products are maintained at a safe temperature.

Staff from each room will supervise the lunchtime session, they try to make sure that no swapping occurs but it is very important that you note any allergies your child has on their registration form.

We encourage the ‘healthy eating’ of fruit and similar snacks but you know what your child will eat. Any uneaten food will be returned in your child’s lunchbox in order that you can know what they have or have not eaten.

It is most important that your child’s lunchbox is clearly labelled with their name, and that it will not come off or become illegible.

You can find some fun inspiration for lunchboxes on the Change for Life website

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